The USA & Iran conflict (Analysis)

What is going on with The U.S, The U.K and Iran?

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You won’t find a better, clearer and more neutral information about the USA – IRAN conflict, than this detailed explanation from Patrick-Bet David, Valuetainment.

Iranian born. American Entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David analyzes the United States & Iran situation. This video is very ad-hoc to our current times, it was posted just a few months ago on September, 2019.

Is Iran as bad as everyone make it seem to be?

This truly is a unique and very informative piece of content to expand your perspective and understand this ongoing conflict between both nations, much better.

Right off the bat. Current state of economy in Iran. Unemployment rate for young Iranians is 27%, and those graduating from university is 40%

The Rial has lost 60% of its value against the US Dollar.

Lebanon and Iran share a common enemy, which is Israel. An enemy of an enemy is a friend. So Israel is an enemy to Iran, and Israel is an enemy to Lebanon, which are allies.

1908 – Anglo-Persian Oil Company gets started

1914 – British Government buys 51% of it and changes name to BP (British Petroleum)

1925-1941 – Reza Shapalavi becomes Shah

1941 He appoints his son. His son becomes the Shah.

Mohammed Reza Pahlavi was the Shah from 1941 to 1979

He was a more well-spoken politician, but had the shadow of his father.

A lot of Iranians didn’t like the Shah’s level of admiration towards the USA.

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Strategic building planning for 2020 (Valuetainment)

Patrick Bet-David founder of Valuetainment shares valuable information for the entrepreneurs these days.

Are you getting ready for January 2020?

What to do? How to get started?

Before doing business planning for the following year, you have to get your mind in the right state.

Recap 2019

  1. Study trends – Get as many data points as possible.
  2. Good/bad/ugly – Anything… sales, technology, hires, buyers, lost money
  3. 2019 vs 2018 – Month to month – Quarter to quarter
  4. Missed opportunities
  5. SWOT – Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
Patrick Bet-David

Potential 2020 threats

  1. Industries
  2. Politics
  3. Economy
  4. Regulation
  5. Family / Health
  6. Anticipate expected

Things to anticipate in 2020

  • New hires
  • New product
  • New compensation plan
  • Next 15 moves in every aspect of your life

Numbers to measure:

  • Every months record
  • Every quarters record
  • 2020 Goals
  • Revenue / Net profits
  • New subscribers / Customers

People to follow closely in 2020

  1. Trump
  2. Warren
  3. Biden
  4. Hilary
  5. Bezos
  6. Munk
  7. Zuck