What gurus won’t tell you – The truth why most people will fail in business

Why Biz “Gurus” Keep You Poor & Stuck

You will most likely fail, says Alex Becker.


This is perhaps one of the most honest advice given by an internet marketer. Lots of truths on this video that many will relate with.

Everything you hear, from business advice or marketing gurus is completely wrong.

Alex Becker

Build a $10,000 per month business

If you keep listening to this information and thinking this is the key to being successful or growing your business, you are going to stay broke or very stuck. It’s math.

Every business guru, every business book , every piece of business education you can possibly learn it’s wrong… until you address the reason why 95% of people fail on business.

95% of people fail at starting a business. Actually most likely 98%, 2 out of 100 people walk out of the room with an existing business and making money.

Why does that happen? Why do people really fail at this?

Is it because business it’s hard?


Building a $10K per month business, living in a country with a stable internet connection is not hard. It’s actually very easy.

So why do people fail?

Because they don’t have the right tactics? IQ?

Why do people fail?

It comes down to EFFECTIVENESS.

More-so it comes down to focus and creativity.

If you did something with 3 hours of laser-focus every single day, you’d get really good at it and become successful at it and you build a $10,000 per month business.

The way you are going to make progress is through focus.

If you are not focused you are not going to have good ideas. You are not going to do good work. You might think you are doing good work, it might feel like good work, but you are not doing good work, you are not going move the needle work. You are doing like 60 different things, and the work that you are doing it’s so distracted, that it’s low IQ work. And then your brain is not functioning properly.

You have bad health, bad sleep. Your gut is messed up, you are constantly inflamed, you have a puffy face, you were drunk. You have constantly brain fog, it takes you about 15 cups of coffee to wake up.

That’s your creativity. You are not going to see around corners, you are not going to see the way forward and you won’t see what’s in front of you, and so the reason you are going to fail until you can see what’s coming.

Everybody is browsing around to find the guru with the best tactic. You can have the best tactic on planet earth but you are going to suck at it if you don’t put in the focused work.