How much money can you make with AdSense?

A very honest and straightforward explanation. Helpful tips on making real money with Google Adsense.

Professor Ron from One Hour Professor dot com explains.

Think mobile first

You need to learn how much you can make per 1,000 visitors.

How many visitors per month? 5,000 to 10,000 visitors per month for your website.

Example: $15 per 1000 visitors

There is a lot of money to earn in Google Adsense, a lot of people don’t talk about it. It is far from death. It is possible to make significant money with Google Adsense.

Make money with microblogs and Adsense

Make money blogging with Adsense

Once you understand how to make money blogging with Google Adsense… it is a lot of fun:)

Have you heard about the term “microblogs”?

You can start building microblogs…¬†targeted¬†mini-sites built easily with WordPress.

Imagine building a bunch of microblogs (mini blogs) that will earn you, lets say.. $1 dollar per day, each.

make money blogging

Yes, it is a very small amount and not hard to accomplish.

1 blog = US$30 per month
10 blogs = US $300 per month

Now lets say you have 10 of those mini blogs.
Then you make $300 per month, on automatic.

When we talk about microblogs, we don’t mean websites that you have to be updating or blog posting daily or often.

We mean “set it and forget it” type of sites.

We will be posting tips and info to help you start making REAL money blogging online.

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