Thousands of leads on Clickbank but no sales, Why?

Clickbank is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.

For beginners who are interested in making money online selling digital products, Clickbank is the way to go.

Find your niche, and promote a related product on your website.

Or just make a video go viral, with the affiliate link on it and voilá! Let the thousands of dollars roll in.

Well, as with everything in life. It takes some work.

Thousands of clicks but no money 🙁

Clickbank Failing

As you can see on the image above, that is a screenshot from a personal Clickbank account with almost 10,000 impressions / clicks to a landing page. All in the course of 4 months, but $0 in earnings!

How is that possible?

Quantity vs Quality

The main reason for this to happen would be not having a specific target.

Narrow your target

I decided to execute what I thought to be a great strategy on Youtube, with the wrong thinking behind: Bring lots of clicks and you will make lots of sales. Just like that. Anyone visiting would like to buy.

Well, how wrong I was.