2020 Online Recession

The 2020 online business recession

How do you stand out, to isolate the market just to yourself?

Have an amazing product.

The person with the best product, with the best customer experience and the most disciplined well-ran business is going to slowly start getting all the money.

Then you can focus on refining your funnels.

Instead of trying to make 10s 20s of different things, make one incredible funnel. It used to take so much of your energy to make sales, now it takes very little energy.

You can now take all that extra energy that all the other people are not using anymore. Put it into refining the business, refining the funnels, dedicating everything to superior customer service experience.

People are launching 10 different products, many different things, they don’t get it.

People don’t go to who is screaming the loudest, they go to the best product.

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