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15 Ways to Make Money with WordPress (2017)

15 Ways to Make Money with WordPress (2017)

15 Ways to Make Money with WordPress (2017)


Making Money Online

Making money with WordPress is what you want, so…

How much do you actually KNOW about WordPress?

As blogging becomes more mainstream and more people start making a few bucks online, everyone always needs some WordPress help or advice…

Below is the 15 things you can do to make money with WordPress.

1. Services
Providing design services, developing services ,strategic services, marketing services.

2. Consulting
Having the knowledge to consult somebody on their WordPress business, great way to make money with WordPress.

3. Support
Supporting a business or individual with WordPress

4. Themes
Selling WordPress Themes. It has been the flagship model on the WordPress space. Earn passive income selling your digital products.

5. Plugins
Selling WordPress plugins. very siimilar to selling WordPress Themes.

Make money with affiliates

Make money with affiliates

6. Affiliates
Make affiliate income recommending other WordPress products and services.
You need a lot of traffic to get affiliate sales working for you.

7. Apps
You can make writing apps for WordPress, or use a service called AppPresse

8. Memberships
Selling membership websites. Create your own membership site, sell your own proivate consulting/coaching product.

9. E-Commerce & WooCommerce
Tremendous opportunity on education, training.

10. Sponsorships
Sponsored content is huge and a growing trend among content creators. A great way to make money in the WordPress ecosystem.

11. Writing Services
Everyone needs content for their blog. Writing reviews is content services for clients. Writing services is a great way to make money on the WordPress space.

12. Training
Training people how to use WordPress. Not too far off from consulting, but this can be all sorts of training. Tutorials online, etc

13. In-Person Workshops
This is something not many are doing. Great opportunity for local workshops.

14. WordPress Hosting
Become your own WordPress manage host. Create a hosting environment, but keep in mind there are many huge players involved on that area already. But you could even be an affiliate or reseller for another hosting company.

15. SEO
Providing SEO services for your clients. Helping them rank locally or globally. Create and optimize websites from the start or do it with the current website of the business. Remember, most websites are not properly optimized for search engines.