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Young Bitcoin Millionaire

Young Bitcoin Millionaire

Young Bitcoin Millionaire


Young Millionaire

Meet Erik Finman.

He made his first million dollars at the age of 18, and bought a Lamborghini with bitcoins.

He is one of the youngest bitcoin millionaire’s in the world.

He lives a very minimalistic life of “gym tshirt and gym shorts” perpetually.

He checks his bitcoin every 30 minutes and got into bitcoin when it was only $10 to $12 dollars and he as about 12 years old. His grandmother also really got into it along with him. He invested $1,000 dollars from his Grandma and was able to turn it into about 400 plus bitcoins.

1 Bitcoin = 5,698 Dlls (OCT19)

403 bitcoins x $5,698 = 2,296,294

There are politicians and Wall Street people who are against bitcoin and has recently affected the price, they are very afraid of what bitcon could do for their industry.