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How to Make Money Working 1 Hour per Day

How to Make Money Working 1 Hour per Day

How to Make Money Working 1 Hour per Day

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Imagine being able to create time out of thin air.

Dan Brock from The $100 Deadbeat Super Affiliate talks about How to make money working just one hour per day.

I was always a very big procrastinator, I would always wait until three hours before a project was done to start working on it.

Through procrastination I learned basically how to get the skill of getting good work done in the shortest amount of time.

Are there ways to leverage one hour of work per day to make a good income online? Is it even possible.

Sure it is, but it is a skill.

I started back in High School with a web hosting company, and through that time I learned that you could only do so much. For me personally, for my psychologically health I realized I was not one of those 16 hour per-day people.

Out of necessity I learned how to reduce the amount of work that I put in and increase the amount of output that I put out, that was the only way to move forward. I learned to put my time toward different skills. That meant hiring people, getting better and faster at the basic money-making techniques that worked for me and getting better in sales.

Phase One

If you are just starting off, whatever your vehicle will be (Amazon, affiliate marketing, Facebook, ads, Blogging, etc), in the beginning put in four hours a day during the beginning face for two months.

Three hours of work and one hour of learning. That’s the trick.

During those three hours in the initial phase you will need to learn how to create your first affiliate site. All of these you need to do manually, you need to spend the first month learning the ropes. Learning how to create video content, how to do keyword research, learning how to build a functional website. All of these are the things that you will want to spend your time on.

Phase Two

The second month, once the ball starts rolling you will start focusing your attention on learning how to outsource. Outsourcing everything… except keyword research, using Google trends, and so. As a marketer you usually won’t want to outsource stuff like that, those are your personal skills you need to develop.

I also do not outsource the creation of my titles for my articles. What I do is I typically write the title for the article and I talk about the three things I want them to talk about, and then a writer comes in and fills in the blanks for me.

Another thing you also want to start building is a Skype rolodex. A Skype rolodex is typically the people who you have worked with in the past. I give them scores. I rank their skill levels and the time they take to get back to me.

Spend your work time during month 2 learning how to outsource and manage people, and build up your team.

One thing that I really messed up in the past, is that you don’t ever want to sacrifice that one hour a day of learning. We often get very caught on the work part but the learning is necessary.


Make a new rule from now on that regardless no matter how much money you make, you will always dedicate one hour a day to learn, no matter what.

Working from home

For you it could be learning about digital marketing, psychology, sales. If you want to do this one hour per day lifestyle is a natural lifestyle. I don’t have weekends, every day for me it’s a weekend.

Last week I spent an hour a day learning about this topic. After I implemented this tactic, it increased my earnings from one site by 40%, literally 40% more money from that day forward.

There are always things you can learn to scale with literally fifteen minutes of work.