The USA & Iran conflict (Analysis)

What is going on with The U.S, The U.K and Iran?

World Economies

You won’t find a better, clearer and more neutral information about the USA – IRAN conflict, than this detailed explanation from Patrick-Bet David, Valuetainment.

Iranian born. American Entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David analyzes the United States & Iran situation. This video is very ad-hoc to our current times, it was posted just a few months ago on September, 2019.

Is Iran as bad as everyone make it seem to be?

This truly is a unique and very informative piece of content to expand your perspective and understand this ongoing conflict between both nations, much better.

Right off the bat. Current state of economy in Iran. Unemployment rate for young Iranians is 27%, and those graduating from university is 40%

The Rial has lost 60% of its value against the US Dollar.

Lebanon and Iran share a common enemy, which is Israel. An enemy of an enemy is a friend. So Israel is an enemy to Iran, and Israel is an enemy to Lebanon, which are allies.

1908 – Anglo-Persian Oil Company gets started

1914 – British Government buys 51% of it and changes name to BP (British Petroleum)

1925-1941 – Reza Shapalavi becomes Shah

1941 He appoints his son. His son becomes the Shah.

Mohammed Reza Pahlavi was the Shah from 1941 to 1979

He was a more well-spoken politician, but had the shadow of his father.

A lot of Iranians didn’t like the Shah’s level of admiration towards the USA.

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Grant Cardone: How to be a millionaire


The OG, Grant Cardone teaches his staff the truths about money and how to become a millionaire, the fast way.

If you don’t have your money right, if you are not thinking about money correctly, you will never make a sale.

A very valuable video to change your mindset and perspective about being a millionaire.

Being a millionaire is not enough

Everyone has that idea in their head about being a “millionaire”. The truth is that $1,000,000 dollars is nothing.

The single-digit millionaire cannot even provide his family with proper legal defense in America. Much less emergencies, divorces, business lawsuits, issues happening, two kids going to college. Nobody told you that.

You gotta change the way you look at money

Grant Cardone gives out some tips to earn and keep more money.

I do weekly sales training with my sales team to keep all my employees in sync with the mission. To help others reach success. But that doesn’t exclude my employees.

Grant Cardone

These are his 5 steps to become a millionaire:

  1. Target
  2. Income GI – 40%
  3. Broke-Invest
  4. Passive
  5. ?

Have a Target

You have to change the target and look at the target daily. If you are struggling right now you have the wrong target. When you change the target everything changes.

Every person I’ve ever sold I’ve treated as an investor.

You don’t need to be a bank to get other people’s money. The money I put into Real Estate is other people’s money.

Your first target should be $10 million dollars and nothing short of it.

Save 40% of your income

If you don’t like the term “save” use “store”. A better word for saving is storing. Store 40% of your income, pay the IRS their 40% and live with the rest.

This is the most difficult part in the beginning.

You need to get to a place where 40% of your gross income is saved. This will get you in the right track to becoming a millionaire (after following the 3 next steps)

Keep doing the math until you work it out. When I was 35 years old no one knew that I was a millionaire. Nothing had changed. $40 shoes, driving a Camry, with a million bucks in the bank, because I followed this rule.

Invest your savings

You are going to go broke and invest the “storage”. Meaning, once the timing is right invest your savings.

Do not invest on anything that is a “maybe”.

I only invest in things that I know will be there in the future.

Passive equals income

Continue investing your savings (storage) until your passive money is equal to your income.

You can’t risk this money. “Don’t lose money, number 1”

Warren Buffet

You can’t leave it in the bank, they can’t pay you anything.

Your target here should be: My passive income now exceeds my monthly income.

How much money would I need invested

You need two vehicles:

  • One that produces income.
  • Keep the target in mind.

A single digit millionaire cannot even provide themselves with their own personal defense in America.

What gurus won’t tell you – The truth why most people will fail in business

Why Biz “Gurus” Keep You Poor & Stuck

You will most likely fail, says Alex Becker.


This is perhaps one of the most honest advice given by an internet marketer. Lots of truths on this video that many will relate with.

Everything you hear, from business advice or marketing gurus is completely wrong.

Alex Becker

Build a $10,000 per month business

If you keep listening to this information and thinking this is the key to being successful or growing your business, you are going to stay broke or very stuck. It’s math.

Every business guru, every business book , every piece of business education you can possibly learn it’s wrong… until you address the reason why 95% of people fail on business.

95% of people fail at starting a business. Actually most likely 98%, 2 out of 100 people walk out of the room with an existing business and making money.

Why does that happen? Why do people really fail at this?

Is it because business it’s hard?


Building a $10K per month business, living in a country with a stable internet connection is not hard. It’s actually very easy.

So why do people fail?

Because they don’t have the right tactics? IQ?

Why do people fail?

It comes down to EFFECTIVENESS.

More-so it comes down to focus and creativity.

If you did something with 3 hours of laser-focus every single day, you’d get really good at it and become successful at it and you build a $10,000 per month business.

The way you are going to make progress is through focus.

If you are not focused you are not going to have good ideas. You are not going to do good work. You might think you are doing good work, it might feel like good work, but you are not doing good work, you are not going move the needle work. You are doing like 60 different things, and the work that you are doing it’s so distracted, that it’s low IQ work. And then your brain is not functioning properly.

You have bad health, bad sleep. Your gut is messed up, you are constantly inflamed, you have a puffy face, you were drunk. You have constantly brain fog, it takes you about 15 cups of coffee to wake up.

That’s your creativity. You are not going to see around corners, you are not going to see the way forward and you won’t see what’s in front of you, and so the reason you are going to fail until you can see what’s coming.

Everybody is browsing around to find the guru with the best tactic. You can have the best tactic on planet earth but you are going to suck at it if you don’t put in the focused work.

The 2020 online business recession

How do you stand out, to isolate the market just to yourself?

Have an amazing product.

The person with the best product, with the best customer experience and the most disciplined well-ran business is going to slowly start getting all the money.

Then you can focus on refining your funnels.

Instead of trying to make 10s 20s of different things, make one incredible funnel. It used to take so much of your energy to make sales, now it takes very little energy.

You can now take all that extra energy that all the other people are not using anymore. Put it into refining the business, refining the funnels, dedicating everything to superior customer service experience.

People are launching 10 different products, many different things, they don’t get it.

People don’t go to who is screaming the loudest, they go to the best product.

Video by Alex Becker. Subscribe to Alex Becker’s channel on Youtube.

Basic Ideas to Make Money Blogging

Many people are quitting their day jobs to make money blogging as it gives them the flexibility and freedom to work when they want and spend more time with their families.

Writing a blog can be very easy and all you need to do is put your mind in to it, invest some time and you are ready to go. Blogs are a fun way of expressing your thoughts online since they are similar to online diaries.

Blogging is about writing about the things you love in a factual manner.

In order to make money with blogs, you need to specialize in one or two niches which you are comfortable with when writing. Posting blogs you are not familiar or comfortable with can be a very boringventure. One, you do not enjoy your content and secondly, your audience might notice you are not an authority on what you are blogging about. Blogging is one way of building your online reputation and what you write should e well searched and factual.

Making money online can be very tricky if you are not writing on topics that you love. Once you set out to blog, you need to think about the target audience. These are people who will make or break your blogging career. Always take your time to do some research irrespective whether it is a topic you are well versed in. Readers love green content which is informative and makes them improve their standards of living.

There are many online platforms where you can showcase your blogging prowess and you do not need to be a webmaster to build your own blogging authority since you can make money with WordPress. This is a platform that enables you create a blog or website and post your content. This is free to join and you can create as many blogs as the number of topic that you are passionate about. This is among the many user friendly sites to learn how to create different blogs.

If you are passionate about blogging, you can make money with blogger which is another platform where you can post your content and showcase it to the entire world. This is a free site as well and you do not need to pay for anything to get started. On the other hand, it is very easy to monetize your bogs and earn residual money from those advertising on your blog.

There are many webmasters looking for content and this is one of the easiest ways to make money with blogs if you are a good content developer or writer. You can get these online as long as you are willing to accept their rates as a beginner and grow through the ranks to become an expert. There are so many online money making sites that seek for the services of bloggers who are experienced in specific niches and their pay vary depending on the number of words and the niche you are you are comfortable with.

If you want to make money blogging, you must love doing research whether you know enough about the topic or not. On the other hand, you need to be ahead of others in the same niche because when you comment, you should be able to clarify on issues. If you decide to have your personal blog, you need to keep them interesting and keep your readers coming back since the more visitors you have, the higher the conversion rates. When your audience realizes that your content is always up to date, they will keep coming back for more. On the other hand, search engines will rank you highly in search terms for you to be found easily for people looking for information in your niche.

With these many ways to make money online, you need to make your blogs unique as well as user friendly. You can as well add some social networking plug-ins which helps marketing your product or services. When people are happy with the information they get from your blogs, they will tell others and your conversion rates will be very high.

Once your blog visitors leave any comment, you should acknowledge and if they need any clarification, you need to address the issue as soon as possible. Many satisfied readers will help convert adorers in to users if you are prompt in giving feedback when needed most. Remember you are not alone, there is a lot of competition out there and you need to maintain and increase your audience base for you to make money online and establish yourself as an authority.

As much as there are other ways to make money online, you need to consider the initial investment and the grace period for you to start realizing any profits. To make money blogging is more beneficial than other forms of online businesses and you only work when you have to since you are your own boss.

How much money can you make with AdSense?

A very honest and straightforward explanation. Helpful tips on making real money with Google Adsense.

Professor Ron from One Hour Professor dot com explains.

Think mobile first

You need to learn how much you can make per 1,000 visitors.

How many visitors per month? 5,000 to 10,000 visitors per month for your website.

Example: $15 per 1000 visitors

There is a lot of money to earn in Google Adsense, a lot of people don’t talk about it. It is far from death. It is possible to make significant money with Google Adsense.

How to make $800 per week with AdSense and niche blogs

Google Adsense

Be as consistent as you can with your blog

Lester Diaz explains how he made $800 per week using Google Adsense. From blogging and niche blogs.

Estimated AdSense earnings: From $60 to $100 per day using 2 blogs, same AdSense account.

My biggest day on AdSense was closed to $200 dlls. I usually get most traffic from Facebook, about 80% of traffic. Some blogs do better than others because they have a bigger audience on Facebook.

What I’m showing you today is another income stream that I get from those same sources. I monetize my blog from traffic coming from the search engines, notifications on Facebook Messenger, email newsletter, etc.

Daily new content is the way to build your audience fast

Google Adsense is one of the simplest ways you can start making money with a blog. You can start making $10, $15 or $30 per day if you bring 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 visitors per day to your blog.

Tip: You’d like to get people from the United States to visit your blog to make more money, as the Pay Per Click is higher.

I built a blog that requires daily content. You can do this with every niche that you can think of. Sports, UFC blog, cooking, etc. If you are consistent enough that will build a big audience over time.

Monetize it in two ways: Use Facebook Instant articles or for those who are not on facebook, monetize it with Google Adsense.

You’d want to be able to monetize your traffic in as many forms as you can. Most likely you will need to invest some money into pushing traffic to your blog in the beginning.

Selecting a nice that creates daily consumption of content is very important, and for that you need a “news blog”. As long as you publish in a daily basis that’s going to build your brand. That’s how all the big blogs and sites started.

Places who pay the most money are traffic from: The U.S.A, The UK and Canada.

Be consistent and post as consistently as you can. Perhaps 5 to 10 articles per day.

Thousands of leads on Clickbank but no sales, Why?

Clickbank is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.

For beginners who are interested in making money online selling digital products, Clickbank is the way to go.

Find your niche, and promote a related product on your website.

Or just make a video go viral, with the affiliate link on it and voilá! Let the thousands of dollars roll in.

Well, as with everything in life. It takes some work.

Thousands of clicks but no money 🙁

Clickbank Failing

As you can see on the image above, that is a screenshot from a personal Clickbank account with almost 10,000 impressions / clicks to a landing page. All in the course of 4 months, but $0 in earnings!

How is that possible?

Quantity vs Quality

The main reason for this to happen would be not having a specific target.

Narrow your target

I decided to execute what I thought to be a great strategy on Youtube, with the wrong thinking behind: Bring lots of clicks and you will make lots of sales. Just like that. Anyone visiting would like to buy.

Well, how wrong I was.

Joe Rogan on the less known Richest people on Earth

Joe Rogan and Santino

Powerful Joe Rogan and Cheetoh Santino discuss money, millionaires and billionaires.

A million seconds is how many days? 11 days

How many days is a billion seconds? 31 and 3/4 years

A trillion seconds is 31,000 years.

Most people have no idea how much a billion is. A billion is so far away.

When you look at the richest men in the world, (Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, George Soros, etc) they are not really the richest guys in the world. The richest guys in the world are the Saudis and the oil guys. But they are monarchs, they don’t have to disclose their wealth… They are head of the Royal Family.

The U.S is infatuated with their own billionaires, but forget about the rest of the world, particularly the Middle East.